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steve barbarich corporateSteve Barbarich is the current CEO of Direct To Home Appliances and an experienced businessman who has been in many different industries throughout his career.

After graduating from Claremont Harvey Mudd with a degree in engineering, it didn’t take Steve Barbarich long to figure out that engineering wasn’t what he wanted to do with his career. Steve Barbarich then went into the inventing and patenting field where he invented the Fingertip Solder Tool (patent sold to Wahl Corp), and later AbsolutelyNew Inc (acquired by Artiman Ventures in 2007).

On the same note, Steve Barbarich also wrote the book, The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents which helped aspiring inventors get their products on the shelves of stores worldwide. Since his book was published, Steve Barbarich has done various seminars on topics such as inventing, patenting and marketing.

The most recent business ventures by Steve Barbarich include several successful e commerce websites. The strength of these websites comes from the focus on customer service, great sales support, quality products and a focus on marketing which has always been a strength of Steve Barbarich.

Steve Barbarich is also an active philanthropist who has donated profits from his businesses to various charities such as the Gulf Coast Fund, the Mills-Peninsula Breast Centers, Project Christmas CAROL among many others.

To find out the latest news on Steve Barbarich, please visit the Steve Barbarich Blog.

Steve Barbarich Expertise

Marketing Forte
Rapid Business Scaling
Product Consultant
E Commerce
Business Consulting

Expert SEO Consultant
Product Innovation
Public Speaker

Management Excellence

Broad Category Experience
Strong Leadership Skills
Methodical Strategic Planning
Problem Solver
Highly Successful Business Track Record

Steve Barbarich Values

Philanthropist- Community Leadership
Focus On Quality

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